Cables for Offshore and Defence

We are manufacturing and supplying a unique range of Defence Cable Harness to our prestigious customers. They are used widely in defense and military control rooms and are available with all necessary terminals to save precious time and money. These cables are manufactured using high grade raw material that is sourced from known and prominent dealers.
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Available unscreened (Type A), with a braid screen (Type C), with an individual braid screen (Type D) or foil screen (Type S), from 2 core to 36 core in a range of conductor sizes.

Duct grade versions for external use feature a LDPE jacket over the standard jacket. Armoured versions are also available with SWA & PE outer sheath. Defence cables commonly referred to as defence standard or def-stan cables originate from extensive usage within ministry of defence (MOD) applications requiring multicore cables for use with instruments and between electronic equipment.

These cables are now being utilised in many different industrial applications and due to their popularity, are available in different configurations and materials varying away from the standard.